Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details- Career Guidance

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details- Career Guidance

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is actually associated with the maintenance and repair of aircrafts.

Candidates interested in pursuing Aircraft Maintenance Course are required to have a lot of passion and skills.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers mainly deals with the maintenance of aircrafts. They repair, troubleshoot issues, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircrafts.

An aircraft takes off only after being approved by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME).

It’s the AME who check the aircraft properly and sign the Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC). Only after this flight can take off.

Future of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and its scope is very good currently in India and other parts of the world. Main reason behind this is the growing number of aircraft passengers at a very frequent rate.

The golden era has been started. So all those who have desire of making career in aviation, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details has been given here below:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Streams

AME Course Streams are mainly classified into two categories:


A1 license is a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license to cover up Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes. The holder of this A1 license is directly employable without Type-Rating.

He/she is authorized to issue ‘CRS’ (Certificate of Release to Service) to an aircraft after minor scheduled line maintenance. Besides, he/she also detects rectifications as per the authorization issued by the Aircraft Maintenance Organization or Airlines employing him/her.

He/she can be used on any type of aircraft (Jet engine powered aircraft) in Line Maintenance for flight departures.


B1.1 license in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the Basic License including all the privileges of category A1.

The holder of this license becomes a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for covering maintenance, repairing, replacement or rectification of structure, engine, electrical, mechanical & Hydraulic systems for that type of aircraft.

He/she additionally becomes also authorized to cover Avionics systems, needing simple tests without troubleshooting.

This category license holder can get employed in line maintenance and Major Maintenance for the Aircraft type.

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