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Can Foreign Students apply for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ?

Can Foreign Students apply for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ?

AME programme under CAR-147(Basic) is open for international students to all the international communities. Students across the continents are invited to take this AME programme to enjoy some of the finest opportunity in aviation individual worldwide. International students are encouraged to register online through the IIAE website using Apply now. Registration fee of US $ 500 has to be paid, for admission office to proceed for admission formalities. After receiving the required admission processing fees of US $ 500, the Indian institute of Aircraft engineering (IIAE) admission office will issue admission offer letter online for students to proceed for student’s visa from Indian embassy in their respective country.

After completing the visa formalities students will approach the IIAE Admission office for submission of the academic and residential fees online. Ones the admission fees is received by IIAE Admission office, an admission confirmation letter will be issued online along with their class commencement dates and schedules for the students to arrive in India for regular AME programme. Ones the student arrives in India, the information will be given to local FRO (Foreign Residence office) within three days of the arrival in India as per the Indian government regulation for issue of residence permit to continue the AME programme with IIAE. IIAE will further approach to the FRO office for obtaining security clearances from MHA (Ministry of Home affair).


A total of US $ 18,000/- as academic fee has to be submitted by foreign national to complete the AME programme with IIAE in India. In addition to the academic fee a foreign students will pay US $ 4,000/- towards Food and residence charges for two years AME programme in the following manner:

Pre Application and Registration                                                                  US $ 500/-

First year academic fee to be paid at the time of admission                            US $ 9,000/-  

Food and residence charges for first                                                                US $ 2,000/-

Second year academic fee to be paid after one year                                       US $ 9,000/-    

Food and residence charges for second year                                                  US $ 2,000/-   

US $ 22,500 /-

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