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Want to be an aircraft maintenance engineer @IIAE

Want to be an aircraft maintenance engineer @iiae

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, maintain and repair aircraft engines; framings; air frame systems; electrical, instrument and radio systems; and aircraft structures and surface finishes.

Personal needs of a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:-

• Enjoy technical and engineering activities

• Medically match, with smart hearing and vision (colour visual defect might build folks unsuitable for a few Aircraft trades)

• Good hand-eye coordination

• Able to concentrate for long periods

• Neat and correct

• Attention to detail

• Able to figure in confined areas and at heights on platforms around Aircraft (for some specializations)

Education & coaching for a Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

To become associate Aircraft maintenance engineer you always have to be compelled to complete associate berth or aid.

Entry needs might vary, however employers typically need year ten. you’ll be able to additionally become associate Aircraft maintenance engineer by finishing a VET qualification in aero skills. As subjects and stipulations will vary between establishments, you must contact your chosen establishment for more info.

Additional info

Candidates should endure coaching so apply for licenses beginning with the fundamental followed by every level pro are natal.

Types of AME applicants:

• AME Trainees.- candidates United Nations agency square measure undergoing coaching within the DGCA Approved AME coaching Institutes.

• GET –Graduate Engineering Trainees undergoing coaching within the DGCA approved institutes of the Airlines.

• AEG –Engineering Graduates in streams apart from physical science engineering

• DEF – means that candidates retired or operating within the Defence forces

• General – means that candidates not falling in any of the higher than class

Graduate Engineer tyro (GET) theme. Under this theme, graduate engineers square measure recruited by the operators and given in depth theoretical and sensible coaching each in basic and specific subjects to look in Paper I, II & III once satisfactorily finishing the prescribed three year info.

AME Institutes Approved by DGCA

Ab-initio coaching within the field of Aircraft maintenance engineering is obtainable by DGCA recognized institutes. The info, coaching and facilities of those institutes square measure as per the standards stipulated by DGCA. 

Candidates from such institutes square measure allowable to look in Paper I, II & III once satisfactorily finishing the three year curriculum severally.

Admissions to those institutes square measure separate and there’s no common method or subject matter.

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