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What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer?

 What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely.This job entails assessing and handling repairsperforming regularinspections, and updating aircraft as needed. Individuals in this role must be trained and Certified, as well as compliant with all Federal Aviation Administraion (FAA) regulations. Hours may vary based on the company they work for, but emergency repairs may occur and make for long hours.

While an aircraft maintenance engineers’s day-to-day duties and responsibities are determined by where they work , there are many core tasks associated with the role.

Performing Maintenance:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Aircraft ensure safety across assigned aircraft.In order to  do this, they performe maintenance, both scheduled and emergency. This can include dismeltinginspecting, testingrepairing and reassembling aircraft engines; installing electricals circuits; testing aircraft communication equipment, aircraft instrumentation, and electronic systemsreplacing and testing aircraft oxygensystem componentsassembling parts and subassemblings of aircraftframes; and conducting  routin preflight inspections of engines and mechanical systems. They are also required to keep detailed records of the maintenance performed.

Maintain Facilities:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are required to maintain their company’s facilities and equipment as directed by the leadership team. This ordering parts and supplies as needed.

Measures Uphold Safety and Sequrity:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers must be familiar with all relevant safety and sequrity rules and procedure. Aircraft engineering is a critical safety function with a direct link in the chain of events that could lead to any kind of aircraft incident , making it imperative that all applicable licensing and procedure are held at the highest standard. By upholding safety and security measures, successful aircraft maintenance engineers will be prepared for any FAA inspections.

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