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How to become AME in India?

How to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India?

For becoming an AME in India has to follow the given steps:-

Step 1

After competing their 12th class with PCM as the main subjects, they pass B.E/B.Tech. in mechanical or avionics trades or

They can enroll for a 4 year AME Training programme having Two streaming i.e. Mechanical – covers jet engine and piston engine as well as light and heavy aircraft – and Avionics – cover radio navigation, electrical and instrument system.

The first year of AME training provides basic information about the aircraft rules and regulations.

In the second year, general engineering and maintenance are taught top the students that include subjects like aerodynamics or theory of flight, metallurgy, electronics, handling sophisticated equipment and practical work in machine rooms and on aircraft engine.

In the third year and fourth year, The training is focused on specific areas like light aircraft , heavy aircraft, piston engine and jet engines or helicopters.

After fourth year candidate are awarded Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Certificate followed by an examination  Director General of Civil Aviation. The successful candidate have issued a license to service  the aircraft.


After getting DGCA-AME License the candidate are required to obtain a regulatory license or approval on a particular type of aircraft. If it is an Airbus or Boeing one has to obtaine an individual License to service that particular type of aircraft.

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