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What is the scope of AME in India?

What is the scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India?

With the rapid growth trajectory projected by the Ministry of civil aviation, there is a high demand of trained professionals at the Aviation Industry, including the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Hence, the scope of career as AME is also soaring. According to experts, statistically one operational aircraft leads to creation of at least 28 jobs for AME. The DGCA states that there is a requirement of 7,54,000 licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

   Top National Requirting Airlines:

1}Air India

  2} Indigo

3} Jet Airways


5}Go Air

6} AirAsia India

7} Vistara

8} Alliance Air

9} Luwang Air

10} Air Decan

11} Blue Dart Aviation

MRO & Other Organization:

1} Air India Limited

2} Air Works India (Engineering) Pvt Ltd

3} Arrow Aviation Services Pvt Ltd

4} Deccan Aviation

5} Cochin International Aviation Services

6} Eaton Aerospace

7} Blue Dart Aviaton Ltd

Top Global  Recruiting Organization:

1} All Nippon Airways

2} Cathay Pacific

3} Etihad Airways

4} Singapor Airlines

5} Japan Airlines

6} Korean Air

7} Qatar Airways

There are many organizations where an opportunities are high. At this time, India is developing which increase the AME scope in upcoming years .It is the right time to build the carrier as AME. 

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