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More About Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME is a course offered by few institutes, which deals with the maintenance, upgrade and quality assurance of aircrafts. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a Licensed course of four years duration. The AME course is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The license is also recognized internationally by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The four- year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course encompasses two years of theoretical learning and the final two years involve practical training. The AME course teaches about the detailed structure and engineering of an aircraft in terms of its mechanical and electrical aspects. During the last two years of training, the students will get a stipend.

The AME course is rigorous in nature and comes with a lot of responsibilities. The curriculum is also a mix of theory and practice and the students also get ample exposure to the aviation industry owing to regular field visits. The AME course is classified in to two types.

The duration of the first type is two types, wherein the students study the first year on the campus and in the second year, they undergo training with airline an MRO organizations. In the second type, the student study the theoretical aspects for two years on campus and the final two years will be dedicated to practical training.



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