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What is the course fees for an AME?

 What is the course fees for an AME?

The AME course duration is 4 years. During 2 years, there will be academic training which consists of practical as well as theoretical knowledge of aircraft and its

components. After completion of 2 years academic training Completion of Course Certificate will be issued to the candidates by institutes. Then candidate has to

gop undergo practical training in the live environment for 2 years to enhance the skill. In this 2 years, training candidate don’t pay any fees. After completing the

training of 2 years and clearing modules the AME license will be issued by DGCA.

The fee depend upon the Institute is chosen by the candidate. The AME course academic fee can be submitted in Institute’s semester wise. There is an education

loan facility also available by bank to pay the fees. The fee of Institute depend upon the facility they are providing. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Fees in

India is relatively less than the abroad fees.

The total fee of an AME course is INR 5 to 8 lakhs depend up[on Institutes.

The AME course fees structure includes the following facilities

 1] Admission Fee

 2] Tuition Fee

 3] Book & Library Fees

 4] Uniform Fees

 5] Caution Fees

AME Course Hostel Fee

Hostel fee depends upon the facility provided by the candidate. Every Institute has their own hostel fee structure but it can be approx. INR 35000 – 45000/- per

semester. This fee includes caution fees. 

For more details: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Fees


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