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Is there any scope of AME(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) in India?

Is there any scope of AME(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) in India?

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Excellent scope for AME in India :

The aviation sector is developing day by day in India, so there is a huge demand for more aircraft, so the company looking for young, energetic and dynamic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India.

Now days people prefer to airplane than a train cause of time. So the number of travelers who are travelling by flights increasing faster a rate.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers deal with inspection, maintenance and servicing of aircraft. Licensed AME professionals are usually hired by Govt. airline as well as private airline.

The AME career opportunities are at the following places :

Airline : Airline are companies that provide air transport for the passengers to travel . Before aircraft fly, AME has to analyze and solve the problems of aircraft, after signing Flight Releasing Certificate an aircraft to fly.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) Industries : MRO are those companies which specialize in performing maintenance actions on aircraft and their components.

Aviation Training Centers : There are AME who tells other candidate about the AME course and it’s scope.

Flying Clubs : A Flying Club is an organization that provides it’s members with affordable access to aircraft. That aircraft need to be maintenance which is done by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Civil Defence Forces : There are many aircrafts which defense use for various purposes to protect the country. Defence are also maintenance by licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

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