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What is the salary of aircraft maintenance engineer?

What is the salary of aircraft maintenance engineer?  The salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineerdepends on his/she’s experience and on the  company where he/she works. a)An entry-level Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) with less then 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and over time) of Rs.512,043. b) An early careerContinue reading “What is the salary of aircraft maintenance engineer?”


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Salary

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Salary Aircraft engineering could be an exciting career if you are looking for something other than medicine and regular engineering courses. Although aircraft engineering is just another branch of engineering but it is very new field. Students who are anxious about aircraft engineering can read this article and find out everythingContinue reading “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Salary”

Can Foreign Students apply for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ?

Can Foreign Students apply for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ? AME programme under CAR-147(Basic) is open for international students to all the international communities. Students across the continents are invited to take this AME programme to enjoy some of the finest opportunity in aviation individual worldwide. International students are encouraged to register online through the IIAE website usingContinue reading “Can Foreign Students apply for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ?”