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Is AME a tough Course?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering( AME) is a career that is gives respect , status, and although era good income too. A responsible career to take the safe and healthy flying of planes. It is a challenging and an out of box profile that demands your focus ,skills and patience to handle problems. An aircraft maintenance engineer with an ame engineering degree or youContinue reading “Is AME a tough Course?”


Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good job?

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good job? The aviation industry involves many roles besides the glamorous job of piloting an aircraft. Many other     routes can lead to a job in the field, including getting your hands dirty while working under the hood, wings, and flaps of an actual airplane. If you have been considering a job in theContinue reading “Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good job?”

What is meant by aircraft maintenance engineer?

What is meant by aircraft maintenance engineer? An  Aircraft  Maintenance Engineer (AME) , also Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME OR L-AME) ,is a licensed person who caries out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is widespread internationally and is recognised by the Intrnational Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Countries which issue or recognize AME license internally include; Australia, Bangladesh, Canada,Continue reading “What is meant by aircraft maintenance engineer?”

Career Option in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in @India

Career Option in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in @India An aircraft is made of numerous parts such as engine, electrical and electronic system etc. Aircraft maintenance engineering is the engineering that involves the study of designing, manufacturing, repairing, testing and troubleshooting of aircraft and spacecraft. There are courses in aircraft maintenance engineering such as below: Aeronautical engineering whichContinue reading “Career Option in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in @India”


If you are looking forward to a career in aviation then the IIAE institute is the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India. They have an intensive training program that covers subjects related to mechanical and avionics engineering. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is one of the popular Aviation Courses after 10+2. If you have at leastContinue reading “JOB SCOPE AFTER AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING – SALARY AND OPPORTUNITIES”

How to register or apply online Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Exam

How to register or apply online Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Exam AME (Aircraft maintenance engineering) Program at IIAE (Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering) is now CAR-147(BASIC) compliant. Under this programme institute is approved by DGCA Ministry of civil aviation, Govt of India for AME license category B1.1 which covers heavy aircraft and turbine engine to be knownContinue reading “How to register or apply online Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Exam”