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About Us

The first inspiration came in the mankind from ICARUS, Who dared to challenge the nature and attempted to glide with Eagle. His bravery had left deep-rooted quest in the mankind to conquer the Nature to fly. The passion to fly in thought of mankind gave the birth of modern aviation. The years of research with the involvement of dedicated human pursuit produced some of the finest and most sophisticated flying machines. These flying machines are the finest human creation. They are capable of flying intercontinental distances with over 600 (six hundred) people on board. The high degree of technical sophistication of these aircrafts requires a continuous maintenance process for its safe operation in air at the height over 40,000 ft.above the ground. It has always demanded the best of human perfection to match the high quality technical support for its maintenance on continuous basis.

Over two decades of IIAE maintenance training experience, world class facilities and highly dedicated faculties have been put together to produce finest trained and qualified aircraft maintenance professionals. We recognize and value our academic mission to produce matured professionals who are part of growing aviation with major airlines and general aviation industry today contributing with their specialized maintenance and aviation skill. We provide numerous avenues and enormous opportunities to young individuals who opted for this magnificent profession.

Our Mission

The main objective of IIAE is to provide a comprehensive education to prepare individual for productive career and responsible citizenship with special emphasis on the need of aviation, aerospace engineering and related fields. To achieve this target the institute has planned to dedicate itself in the following area:

  • Emphasis academic excellence in the teaching and training of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme.
  • To promote ethical and responsible behaviour amongst its students.
  • To support each student personal development by encouraging participation in programme and services that offers opportunity for enhanced physical, sociological and spiritual growth and by complementing to the development of well-rounded individual prepared for personal and professional success.
  • To recruit and develop excellent faculty and staff to pursue research and creative activities that maintains and extend knowledge in Aviation, Aerospace and related disciplines.

Our History

IIAE history, legacy and reputation date backs almost over two decades. We pride ourselves on being emerged as leader in aircraft maintenance engineering and aviation education which is provided through our campus at Sonepat, Haryana. We recognize the primary importance of our academic mission to create technically sound and matured professionals through highly innovative and systematic learning.

IIAE is dedicated to education services, knowledge, discovery and place of the debate of scientific, technology and social issues. We are also committed to excellent teaching that reflect creative thought and innovation which provide our students technical knowledge and working experience on live aircraft to fulfill their professional objectives.

IIAE is a dynamic institution which is constantly evolving to keep pace with the global development in aviation. I welcome you to our exciting institute to add wings to your career in aviation with IIAE experience.

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