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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job for fresher in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job for fresher in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs for fresher in India

The aviation sector has been providing numbers of job opportunities  graduate and undergraduate in India. In the past, in case of India there weren’t many courses that focused on the aviation sector and groomed students to take on roles in that sector. Usually graduates of any discipline used to apply for aviation job. They used to get trained as they were selected after an interview. At present, things have changed! There are many aviation sector oriented courses present, which cater to the needs of the aviation industry. will list some of the best aviation field related courses, which students may pursue after finishing their 12 th standard  schooling. As usual I will provide basic course details, eligibility criteria, scope associated with the course etc. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career prospect and the possibility of landing a high paying job in aviation sector depends a lot on the quality of the institute from which we pursue the course. Type of course and aptitude of the candidate also plays a huge role. Make sure that your research will about an institute before taking admission in it. The first thing you should check is which institute you are interested before taking admission in it. We should check is whether the institute you are interested is approved and regonised by the appropriate authorities or not.

There are job oriented aviation course to do after 12 th such as BBA in airport management as in this course, it is 3 year long undergraduate management programme. After pursuing BBA programme it allows student to specialize in certain area. In this case, it is a programme that focus on the running and management of airport.It trains students to take on management and administrative post in an airport which covers subject likes such as :- introduction to airport management, human resource management, Accounting, Financial management, safety management etc.students from any stream who have passed 12 th standard board examination are eligible to pursue this course. 

They should score around 50% marks. After completing the course they may get hired at major international or domestic, starting salary is usually between 3-6 lakh rupees annually. 

After pursuing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course students can apply as Airport manager, Administrator, Staff manager. There are many other courses with different eligibility criteria such as diploma in airport management, cabin crew training, ground staff training etc.


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