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How to become a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

 How to become a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? To become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer follow the steps given below :- Step 1: First the candidate has to take admission in AME institute, For admission candidate should fill the AME application form for registration. AME is the national common entrance exam. Their form can be filled in online andContinue reading “How to become a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?”


More About Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course? The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME is a course offered by few institutes, which deals with the maintenance, upgrade and quality assurance of aircrafts. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a Licensed course of four years duration. The AME course is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The license is also recognized internationally by the International CivilContinue reading “More About Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?”

What are the opportunities for an AME?

What are the opportunities for an AME? India is growing in aviation industry speedly which is great news for those who desire to make career in aviation. Air traffic in India is growing year by year which lifts up the requirement of aircrafts. Due to this many companies such as Indigo, Air India, Jet AirwaysContinue reading “What are the opportunities for an AME?”

How good is aircraft maintenance engineering for a career?

How good is aircraft maintenance engineering for a career? The aviation sector is developing fast in India. It earns hug profit, so there is huge demand of more aircraft as a result the companies looking for young, energetic and dynamic aircraft maintenance engineer in India. To put it simply scope of aircraft maintenance engineering asContinue reading “How good is aircraft maintenance engineering for a career?”

What is the scope of AME in India?

What is the scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India? With the rapid growth trajectory projected by the Ministry of civil aviation, there is a high demand of trained professionals at the Aviation Industry, including the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Hence, the scope of career as AME is also soaring. According to experts, statistically one operational aircraft leadsContinue reading “What is the scope of AME in India?”

How to become AME in India?

How to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India? For becoming an AME in India has to follow the given steps:- Step 1 After competing their 12th class with PCM as the main subjects, they pass B.E/B.Tech. in mechanical or avionics trades or They can enroll for a 4 year AME Training programme having Two streaming i.e. Mechanical –Continue reading “How to become AME in India?”

Is AME a tough Course?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering( AME) is a career that is gives respect , status, and although era good income too. A responsible career to take the safe and healthy flying of planes. It is a challenging and an out of box profile that demands your focus ,skills and patience to handle problems. An aircraft maintenance engineer with an ame engineering degree or youContinue reading “Is AME a tough Course?”

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good job?

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good job? The aviation industry involves many roles besides the glamorous job of piloting an aircraft. Many other     routes can lead to a job in the field, including getting your hands dirty while working under the hood, wings, and flaps of an actual airplane. If you have been considering a job in theContinue reading “Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good job?”

What is meant by aircraft maintenance engineer?

What is meant by aircraft maintenance engineer? An  Aircraft  Maintenance Engineer (AME) , also Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME OR L-AME) ,is a licensed person who caries out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is widespread internationally and is recognised by the Intrnational Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Countries which issue or recognize AME license internally include; Australia, Bangladesh, Canada,Continue reading “What is meant by aircraft maintenance engineer?”

What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer?

 What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer? An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely.This job entails assessing and handling repairs, performing regularinspections, and updating aircraft as needed. Individuals in this role must be trained and Certified, as well as compliant with all Federal Aviation Administraion (FAA) regulations. Hours may vary based on the company theyContinue reading “What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer?”